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I'm Brittany, a realistic portrait artist based in Utah.

I love to pair realistic subjects with abstract backgrounds and ethereal colors. I learned as a child that art has the ability to restore broken pieces of us in powerful ways. Ever since, it has been my vision to bring healing art into homes. I hope that my work offers a visceral healing experience for you.

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Gen M.

"When I first saw the artistic ability that Brittany had, I couldn’t believe my eyes. She had an ability to connect with the people she was drawing, and bring out the most beautiful parts of their souls.  When I approached her to create this piece for me, I knew she was the person who would be able to capture my vision and communicate the messages I had swirling in my head, through art. I’m forever grateful that she was open and excited to help create this timeless masterpiece. Thank you for using your gift of flow and connection to bring life to so many, Brittany!"

Tiffanie J.

"Filled with symbolism and imbued with the Heavenly Essence that our love story holds, I believe Brittany was the perfect, Divinely Appointed artist to capture, in an Earthly view, our woven-in-Heaven love story with her spiritual and artistic gifts. With meekness, gentleness, and a stunning connection to God, she brought us onto a canvas, and I could never thank her enough."


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