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Meet the Artist.

Art has always been my sanctuary... from the time I could hold a pencil, I knew my life purpose was to be an artist. I was the little girl in elementary school who stayed in from recess to sell her stack of drawings with a note taped to the desk that read: Art - 25 cents. My very first 'clients' were some of my little friends!


Despite resistance in my early life, I was set on my course. I painted, crafted, smudged and drew my way through the years. In this, I found my voice and escaped reality when it all felt like too much. My eyes were opened to the knowledge that art has the ability to heal broken hearts, translate and express deep emotions, and provide a healthy escape from life's toughest situations. This led me to pursue a Masters in Art Therapy; for what better way to convey this knowledge to the world?


I met my husband while in school and put my degree on pause to start a family--but that didn't stop me from finding a way to make healing art for the world. Out of our tiny (300 sq ft) basement apartment in 2014, my business of drawing portraits was born. I now create in my charming studio room alongside the pitter-patter of feet and sweet baby coos. When I'm not caring for my three children, you can find me in my studio--healing, learning, and giving my whole heart to my work.


I am blessed immensely to pursue this lifelong dream of creating inspired prints and custom artwork commissions that are spiritual and moving by natureI am endlessly honored and grateful to you who have made it possible. Thank you for entrusting me to create meaningful, magical, and timeless pieces for you!

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Awards in the arts through various competitions & shows span her youth, including artwork showcased in the Utah State Fair and the Springville Museum of Art.


Brittany had the opportunity to be mentored by acclaimed artist John Burton & began her first commissioned work of her adult career the following season.


Earned Associates degree in Behavioral Science from Utah Valley University in 2014.

Received an Art Therapy Certification through online courses as an advancement toward her education while raising a family. 

Brittany has experience as a group and private art instructor, has been a book illustrator, National PTA Refletions judge & has established herself as a professional artist in the realm of realistic portraiture for the last 10 years.

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