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"Art was always my passion and sanctuary growing up... From the time I could hold a pencil, I knew I was going to be an artist. Thanks to my supportive mother, I was able to focus on the arts during difficult times in my early life. I painted, crafted, smudged and drew my way throughout elementary and junior high, finding my voice as an artist. My eyes were opened to the fact that art has the ability to heal broken hearts, translate and express deep emotions, and provide a healthy escape from life's toughest situations. 

In high school, I was placed in a situation where I was not able to pursue art for many years. I was discouraged from pursuing what I was most passionate about. Despite this, I started college with the same dream to attain my Masters in Art Therapy, yet I struggled to see my value as an artist. I no longer believed that I would ever be 'good enough' if I dedicated my life to art.


I took a pause with school partway through my Bachelors degree to focus on family matters, which is when I met my husband. He must have seen the same things my mother saw in me from a young age, because he encouraged me to keep creating. He created a space and the means for my first studio to be born. He boosted my confidence as an artist and restored my vision. We were married in 2015 and were blessed with two sweet children.

A health crisis in 2019 set me back not only in my artwork, but in everyday life. I left the ICU after a sudden mysterious infection that nearly took my life, and while I felt gratitude to be alive, I was also in a lot of pain - physical and mental. I spent a year studying, following health protocols, and trying to gain my strength back. A year later and I still have ups and downs, but I am feeling so much better. I have been grateful for an unexpected increase in spiritual gifts after my near death experience - which continue to manifest in artwork & many other ways.

I am a firm believer in the power of faith. I know that we do not always choose our circumstances, but I also know that we are given opportunities to craft our lives and choose our path.  Simple things bring me the most joy in life, and I have been blessed immensely to pursue this lifelong artistic passion as my job. I live a full life as an educator, artist, wife and mother. I am in my studio daily; healing, learning, and giving my whole heart to my work, and feeling extremely blessed to create magic on a daily basis.

Follow along and enjoy this journey with me!"

Brittany Dangerfield



1999-2014: Numerous awards from art + music competitions / shows, including

2007-2008: artwork showcased in the Utah State Fair

2012-2013: artwork showcased in the Springville Museum of Art


Summer 2013: Brittany traveled to Carmel, CA and was mentored by acclaimed artist John Burton.

Winter 2013: First sales from commissioned work.


Spring 2014: Earned Associates degree in Behavioral Science from Utah Valley University.

Her work includes:  Art teacher (2014-2019), book illustrator, National PTA Refletions judge + professional artist for hire.


Presently: working towards her degree in Art Therapy (between creating + chasing children) + pursuing her lifelong dream of creating inspired prints and custom artwork commissions.

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