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Class Schedules

Piano lessons run 30 minutes. Art lessons run 60 minutes. If you are enrolling multiple art students, I provide enough desk space and supplies to accommodate up to two students at a time. (Group class options coming soon!)

I offer classes both before and after school for your convenience, from 5am-7pm Mondays through Wednesdays. Thursdays and Fridays are reserved for rescheduled lessons. Once you have read over this information, please email me for current available spots.

Piano Lesson Techniques

I have taught many students of varying ages and levels. Your children may have taken years of previous  lessons, or this may be their first time. Whatever their background may be, I will make sure they are given the appropriate references for their age and experience.

I teach theory (chords, scales, etc.), sight-reading skills, technique, and also focus on fun, popular music choices that they express interest in. I will provide you with a personalized folder and charts that will keep track of their weekly assignments and progress.

Art Lesson Techniques

I teach the following methods and skills: 1) Comprehension of basic drawing skills and abilities, such as perspective, 2) Knowledge of the way colors react together, 3) Understanding of the way that light and dark areas create a pattern, especially in drawings and paintings (Chiaroscuro), 4) Accuracy of drawing when focusing on lines and shapes while sketching, and 5) Lots of fun, art-based activities! During their first lesson, I talk with my students and take notes on their interests, ideas, and requests into account. I make sure to include these in their personalized lesson plans.

Recitals, Awards, Art Parties and Recognition:

I am excited to announce that starting in 2017, I will be offering art parties and recitals for students and their friends! I believe that it is of high importance that children and youth build self-esteem through their talents and abilities. Students will build their self-confidence by participating in optional student piano recitals and art parties every few months. There are rewards and activities for every student, to help them be excited to participate.


Click here for lesson pricing.

I am available for travel in order to better accommodate your schedule. My travel fee is a $2 base fee for the first mile and 60 cents for each additional mile. This covers gas, travel time (additional lesson slots must be sacrificed for travel lessons) and packing/unpacking of supplies.

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