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Children are constantly progressing. They are given many lessons and challenges to process between school, church, social events, and at home. They need positive outlets to cope with life's daily challenges and continue to build a sense of who they are and where they fit into their world. Music and art are perfect outlets for them to express themselves and build their character, while teaching patience and perseverance. In my art and piano classes with them, I promise to create a fun, stimulating environment that will enhance your child's creativity and contribute to their overall success.

I believe that it is vital for children and youth to be involved in the arts. With over seven years of experience teaching art and piano students ranging from beginner to intermediate levels, I have seen the arts inspire many students. It contributes to their success in school, builds self-confidence, and improves developmental skills, provides structure and so much more! Click here if you would like to read more about my qualifications and years as a teacher, and click the button below to enroll your child. I am so excited to see them grow!  -Brittany Dangerfield

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