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Set of eight (8) birth affirmation cards printed on 80lb heavy cardstock.


Birth affirmations are widely adopted as one of the most effective tools for labor.  Studies have shown that practicing affirmations can reduce the sensation of pain and can rewire our brains to think positively, and I can attest to this!


During both of my med-free births (the first labor lasting 25 hours, and my second being a fast-progressing 8 hours), I relied heavily on the affirmations that draped across the ceiling in my birth space. My mother held my arms and repeated them with me as I worked through transition. My midwives repeated them to me as I rested between pushes. They brought peace and strength, and I only wish I had made images to pair those sacred words with (imagery speaks to the soul so powerfully in labor-mind)!


I pray that these beautiful letters paired with the visuals of labor bring healing into your birthing space, and I promise as you recite these cards, they will bring so much comfort as they last in your mind when the time comes to welcome your babe earthside!


How to use your birth cards: can be used as decor in your birth space, hole punched & hung as a banner, given as a gift to your friend / sister / daughter / client / birth team, or anything you can dream up.


How not use your birth cards:  please do not copy, reproduce or use these cards in an commercial setting. Reach out to Brittany directly for copies. If you would like to license the images for commercial use, please contact Brittany to make arrangements. 



Birth Affirmation Cards

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