Please be sure include your desired wedding colors by clicking "request customization"; otherwise, your florals will be the colors pictured above. You are able to select between the "flat backdrop" and "wood grain detail included" selections. Please read the difference below:

The process: Starting with a blank 28x22 canvas board, I create an acrylic wood "wash" which gives depth and variation to the canvas. Once the wash has dried, if the "wood grain detail" selection has been made, I go in with a finer brush and deeper color to add every stroke of wood grain detail. This creates an absolutely stunning, unique, hand-crafted factor about the canvas that sets it apart from regular wood board signs. 
The base of the remaining details are then added: basic floral colors, the first layer of the white font. Layer upon layer, the words are finished in a brilliant white that pops against the wood grain, and the flower and vine detail is fleshed out to reveal a darling wedding sign

Custom Wedding Sign